Tim Hart

Tim Hart


Tim began his career at Andersen Consulting in 1984, after receiving his MBA in Finance. In 1988 he joined Joseph McCall and Company, an Atlanta-based technology consulting and development company. In 1992, he became VP of Product Development at Aeronomics Incorporated, a pricing and revenue management solutions provider to the travel and hospitality industry. Aeronomics later merged with Decision Focus Incorporated to become Talus Solutions, which was later acquired by Manugistics.

In 1999, Tim co-founded The Rubicon Group, a travel and hospitality data and business intelligence company. He served first as Chief Operating Officer and subsequently as Chief Executive Officer. In 2011, Rubicon was acquired by Travelclick, a leading hospitality solutions firm.  He served as Executive Vice President of Business Intelligence for Travelclick until 2014, when he became CEO of Knowland.

Q: Tim, how would you describe Knowland in 10 words?

A: A chance to reinvent, redefine, reignite… and make customers overjoyed. (TEN WORDS EXACTLY)