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field researchers

Knowland field researchers travel more than 9,000 miles weekly. Enough each year to travel to the moon and back.

Meeting Space

23,418,457,628 total square feet of meeting space used at events surveyed. Enough to cover more than half of Long Island, NY.

251,930 contacts within organizations tracked.
565,051 groups with booking needs.
7,087,854 events tracked.
5,375,185 pictures uploaded.
18,000 pictures taken last week.

Cloud based solutions that help you sell more meetings

Hotel Sales and Catering Software

Sales & Catering Software with intelligence

It all starts with software for your sales team. Target Net was custom built, in the cloud, with the unique needs of the meetings industry in mind.

Regardless of whether you call it Sales and Catering (S&C), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Hospitality Relationship Management (HRM), or Sales Force Automation (SFA) software, your solution needs to be in the cloud. The cloud can help you sell more meetings by accessing your critical sales data from any device, at any time. The true definition of an On Demand solution.

Sales Leads for the Meeting Industry

The Largest Source for Sales Leads for the Meeting Industry

Meetings and Event Sales Leads in the cloud and on your phone. If you want to know how to find groups who are holding meetings and events, Insight is the location. The largest database of sales leads for meetings professionals, our cloud based Insight product will give you tens of thousands of groups on your fingertips.

Hosted in the cloud and available on your PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet, Insight is the world’s largest database of companies, associations, social organizations and government entities who hold meetings and events.

Field Research for Smart Competitors

Field Research for Smart Competitors

The Knowland hotel reader board reporting tool that revolutionized an industry. Knowland’s Readers product provides the most accurate, most timely and most detailed data on group events being held in thousands of hotels across hundreds of markets.

By far and away the largest and most successful hotel reader board service, Readers provides hoteliers the competitive intelligence they need on their competitive set of hotels to make informed decisions, drive new business and streamline their hotel sales departments.

Integrations with your trusted vendors

Knowland partners with many of your key vendors and organizations across the hospitality, travel and sales and marketing industries. Some of these include:

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