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Insight Elite

Insight Elite revolutionizes group prospecting by taking away the heavy lifting. This intuitive lead-generating platform proactively finds and presents better-qualified group opportunities that match your property’s needs.


Best-fit future opportunities are automatically graded and presented to you so you can act quickly on highly qualified events for your need periods.


save time prospecting & triaging

focus on better qualified groups

increase conversion rates

change the conversation with planners

Lead-Serving Technology

Insight Elite is powered by Knowland’s lead serving technology, which uses a powerful algorithm to analyze group booking patterns and identify qualified meeting opportunities that match your hotel’s needs based on a group’s past buying behavior.

This new technology broadens your pool of potential qualified business by searching through Knowland’s large historical database of group meetings and events to present to you quality group opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Want to learn more? Read about this prescriptive solution technology here.

Insight Elite View

7 booking preference characteristics are used to match and deliver opportunities to your hotel.

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This is the next big thing in data strategy as far as finding group.

Regional Director, Sales and Marketing

A major hotel brand

With Insight Elite working for you, you’re able to find leads you might not otherwise find in Insight.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

A prestigious US property management company

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