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Optimize all of your inbound and outbound group sales activities, from first call to final signatures, with technology that combines powerful predictive analytics with the industry's most comprehensive database of actualized events. Now with SmartSearch!

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What if you could....

  • Optimize direct booking revenue with SmartSearch by prospecting into accounts that meet the criteria you set and therefore have the highest potential for conversion
  • Source highly relevant, but hard to find, “Hidden Gem” account leads matched to your property to prospect into even before the RFP hits
  • Utilize Knowland-Verified booking information and account history to prioritize the most-likely- to-convert leads
  • Use the group data to deploy a relevant conversation starter with planners, turning cold calls into warm calls
  • Build a better group pipeline to keep your sales team focused on priority leads and customer-facing sales activities
  • Receive an automatic flow of new, pre-qualified group business leads with every login
  • Access competitive set event data, build unlimited comp sets and validate share against your weekly STR Report
  • Integrate with the Amadeus Sales and Event Management Advanced Module to seamlessly send proactive leads to be worked to your sales and catering system
With Insight Elite, you can do all of this and more. Discover how Insight can help you achieve your group sales goals, reduce your customer acquisition costs, and improve ROI for all of your sales activities.

How It Works

Powerful algorithms at the heart of Insight Elite analyze group buying behavior for over a million accounts across eight key dimensions that are most likely to predict booking decisions: hotel class, market tier, region, market, brand, brand group, location type, and previous bookings.

The resulting cluster pattern is then compared to your property's attributes to yield a score that enables you to immediately identify and prioritize your best matches — across both inbound and outbound leads.

Explore the Way You Want to with SmartSearch

Insight Elite has always offered advanced search capabilities, but by applying cutting-edge, real-time search and analytics technology Knowland is the first to offer this groundbreaking search engine to the hospitality industry. It not only allows users to search on a multitude of criteria but it will match that criteria to your property. This surfaces those “hidden gem” accounts that you would have otherwise missed. We call it SmartSearch. Now you are more in control to determine the ideal groups for your property.

With Insight, you can search by

  • Account booking sets scored against your property
  • Account Booking Sets ordered by relevance
  • Dynamic Input Ranges and flexible booking dates
  • Multiple keyword searches including Property names & Group names
  • Function name searches (type of function)
  • Interactive map searching by radius
  • Industries, Segments and subsets
  • Daily square footage used
  • Meeting/function length
  • ...and more

Focus on Perfectly
Matched Prospects

Insight Elite proactively searches the industry's most comprehensive events database for new opportunities that are the best pattern match for you property and for your need periods. You'll automatically receive a steady flow of new, pre-qualified group business leads every time you login.

Using a calendar view, you can quickly spot groups that have high match rates with your property's attributes and your available dates. This enables you to expand the parameters of you prospecting to include new groups you might not otherwise have targeted, while continually prioritizing only the most qualified leads.

With Insight Elite, you can laser-focus your prospecting efforts on groups that are most likely to close and that most want to hear from you, improving your conversion rates and customer relationships, while dramatically increasing sales efficiency.

Prioritize Inbound Leads & Cut Through RFP Clutter

With Insight Elite's latest release, our predictive, pattern-matching technology can be applied to all of you inbound leads, as well. Now you can quickly separate RFP spam from qualified opportunities that deserve your immediate attention.

Insight Elite captures the detailed information for each eRFP and inbound lead, and then analyzes these details against historical booking patterns to automatically score the opportunity and determine whether or not you property is likely to be a true contender.

With match scores, augmented account and contact details, and previous booking data at your fingertips, you can significantly reduce the time required to triage and research inbound leads. And by prioritizing the leads that are mostly likely to close, you can successfully achieve your quota faster and more reliably.

Craft Precise, Personalized Pitches & Proposals

With Insight Elite, you know what is most important to your prospect before you ever pick up the phone or pen the first email. The same data that powers our pattern matching provides a blueprint for precision selling.

Insight Elite tells you at a glance why the lead is a good fit for your property, where you'll win, and what challenges you might need to overcome. This insider information offers a competitive edge, enabling you to craft a winning proposal that is customized for that particular prospect and priced optimally to win the deal, while maximizing value for your property.

Dashboard, Calendar, & Map Views Give You a Competitive Edge

Insight offers multiple views that enable you to quickly and easily explore recent activity in your comp set, local area, or other preset criteria, ensuring that you are always on top of exactly what's happening in your market and can see how your bookings compare to your competitors. You can create your own dashboards, calendar views, and map views or search on an ad-hoc basis!

Monitor the Market with Unlimited* Comp Sets & Automated Reports

Have you ever wondered who you lost that piece of business to? Insight ensures you are always in the know. Simply set up comp sets to monitor group activity in every region and for every set of properties you want to keep an eye on.

Insight also enables you to set up reports that can be auto-delivered to your inbox on a regular basis, so you always know what's going on with your comp sets.

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