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The Knowland Group was founded with a strong belief in the power of innovation, the power to challenge entrenched business practices and improve services to add client value. That’s why we created Readers, an entirely new kind of hotel reader board service. Readers combines a revolutionary online reader board tool with our version of a traditional reader board report as well as telephone verified contact research. Together, these three tools offer hotel sales teams so much more than traditional reader board reports.

Reader Board

Field Research: How it Works

Readers brings in-depth, customized field research directly to you. Every week we send out more than 200 field researchers into more than 2,000 hotels to take digital photos of their reader board. This data is recorded into the Readers database nightly and made available online to clients the very next day. We are constantly adding new groups to our database and verifying information on the hundreds of thousands of groups already there. Crucial contact information is included in every group’s profile.

Hotel Field Research

iKnow Groups

The world’s first online hotel reader board application, this immense collection of event and group details from around the world is organized for our clients in a weekly calendar they can access simply by logging onto our website.

Reader Board Service

Glengarry Leads

What every hotel sales team truly needs are leads with substance, golden leads with information about what a group really wants, straight from the event planner’s mouth. Our telephone-verified contact research generates just such leads for your sales team.

Group Sales Leads

8 AM Comp Set Report

Knowland’s version of a reader report is generated overnight and arrives promptly each morning in the body of an email. It contains all of the event details for your comp set over the previous seven days, as well as graphs analyzing the meeting activity and detailed contact information for each group.

Group Room Nights

EBC integration

Behind every new lead you find on Readers, Knowland offers a trained sales team ready to go to work for you. If you find a group that is perfect for your property and would like to set up an appointment with their event planner, select Schedule a Sales Appointment. Or if you don’t have the time or manpower, let us do all the work by selecting Book this Group. Our team will then contact the group’s event planner as your property’s representative and convince them why their next event should be held at your hotel.