Bring It On with Kristi White - A New Live-Stream Webcast Series from Knowland

New Live-Stream Webcast Series from Knowland

Bring It On is a new live-stream webcast series from Knowland hosted by your favorite “hospitality diva,” Kristi White. Bring It On was born of the idea that hope is not a business strategy.

If as an industry we want to thrive, not merely survive the current situation, we need to get real and get moving. Each episode features honest, entertaining conversations with hotel industry insiders on how to accelerate hotels into recovery and what you can do to navigate your hotel safely through one of the greatest business disruptions in history.

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Outlook for the Meetings Industry Recovery, 2022 to 2024

As the hospitality industry re-shapes itself, there has been a surge in pent-up group demand. Hoteliers must successfully navigate these waters as they are faced with labor shortages, increased oversight, and fading customer loyalty. In this webinar, Knowland will look towards the recovery of meetings and events and what it will look like by market, segment, as well as key metrics from 2022 to 2024.

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The Future Is Here, and Its Name Is Recovery

Guest: Katie Moro, VP of Data Partnerships, Amadeus
The numbers are compelling if you read the tea leaves. Business travel and group numbers look positive as we move forward. Staying close to the numbers is the quickest way to stay ahead of the trends. Join us as Katie and Kristi tell us about the trends and where the hidden gems are if you dare to look.

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The Future of Customer Service: Is Loyalty Dead?

Guest: Cindy Novotny, Managing Partner at Master Connection Associates
COVID has changed the entire landscape of service. As customers return to hotels how will you need to train their staff to continue to provide stellar service in these trying times. For the better part of four decades, they have shaped the industry and how we make decisions. Listen in as Cindy and Kristi guide us through an in-depth conversation about how we need to evolve to service our customers better

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Where We’ve Been and Where We Might Be Going

Guest: Carter Wilson, SVP of Consulting, STR
STR is the data standard for the hospitality industry. For the better part of four decades, they have shaped the industry and how we make decisions. Join us for an in-depth conversation about what markets are recovering, what markets aren’t, and how the rest of the year might look.

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Technology as a Tool to Streamline Your Sales Process

Guest: Bob Graham, CEO and Founder of Event Temple
With sales teams still ramping up, it’s important your teams be as efficient as possible. Technology tools you already have in place are probably the best source to fuel your team’s efforts. Learn how to streamline our sales efforts and create a rocket-fueled sales team!

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Reimagining the Sales Function: Cultivating a Culture of Selling

Guest: Tammy Gillis, CEO and Founder of Gillis Consulting and Training
Learn from Knowland’s Kristi White and industry influencer Tammy Gillis as they tell us why it’s so important to make time to sell and how to prepare your team for the way forward. Learn the secret to cultivating a culture of selling and what it means to your business in 2021!

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Rethinking Hybrid Meetings: Hybrid How-To Best Practices

Guest: Phil Saims, Vice President for Federal Conference
Watch Knowland’s Kristi White and hospitality event management guru Phil Saims discuss how to prepare your sales staff to plan and execute the best hybrid meetings. They break down the sales elements of a successful hybrid event and give you practical tips to help you deliver on a great attendee experience.

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Get Real in 2021: Debunking the New Narrative

Guest: Josh Graham, head of Business Development – Revenue Analytics
Watch Knowland’s Kristi White and Revenue Management pro Josh Graham in a lively discussion that challenges the misconceptions of analytics and revenue management in the post-pandemic world.

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Marketing for 2021: A Guide to Hotel Social Media

Guest: Tammie Carlisle, Head of Hospitality (U.S.) with Milestone
Watch Knowland’s Kristi White and marketing maven Tammie Carlisle from Milestone, a leading provider of digital solutions for hospitality, in a lively conversation on how to leverage Social Media in your 2021 marketing plans – and get results!

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More Is Less: How You Can Still Prospect with Smaller Hotel Sales Teams

Guests: Gretta Brooks, CEO & Founder, and Andrea Christopherson, Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer.
Join Knowland’s Kristi White and engagement pros from SalesBoost, the leading on-demand skill-based learning and coaching platform, for a candid conversation on how to grow sales in 2021, despite the smaller sales teams most hotels have in place today.

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A Practical Guide: How To Drive Incremental Business With or Without A Budget

Guest: Loren Gray, Founder of Hospitality Digital Marketing
Join Kristi White and guest Loren Gray, founder of Hospitality Digital Marketing, for a conversation on how to optimize digital marketing to grow hotel revenue in 2021.

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Turn and Face the Strange: How 2021 Will Be an Entirely New Adventure for Revenue Management

Guest: Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist at Ideas Revenue Solution
Kristi White and industry prognosticator Klaus Kohlmayr team up to discuss the new face of revenue management in 2021.

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Challenging the Hotel Data Status Quo: Why Everything You’ve Always Done May Now Be Wrong

Guest: Mike Medsker; Co-Founder and President of Focal Revenue Solutions
Kristi White and special guest Mike Medsker discuss how you should be changing how you consume data and what data you are looking at to get on on the road to recovery.

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Hospitality’s Appetite for Data: How to Leverage Information for Recovery

Guest: Jason Freed; Founder and Editor of Hotel Recovery 2020
Kristi White and special guest Jason Freed,talk about how hospitality is voraciously consuming data and industry analytics in hopes of mitigating the damage of COVID-19 and getting back on the road to recovery.

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Hotel Digital Marketing: How to Pivot for Recovery

Guest: Stephanie Smith; Founder and Digital Matriarch of Cogwheel Marketing
Join Kristi White and special guest Stephanie Smith for a spirited discussion challenging the proposition to “cut digital marketing spend” in the era of COVID.

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Myth vs Reality: What Hotel Group Business Will Look Like in 2021

Guest: Katie Moro; Vice President, Data Partnerships at TravelClick, An Amadeus Company
Join Kristi White and special guest Katie Moro in a lively discussion about the future of group business. Hear their take on the topics influencing the health of the hospitality industry and determining if doors remain open or closed in 2021.

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Hotel Sales & Revenue Management: The New “Power Couple”

Guest: Caryl Helsel, Experienced Hospitality Commercial Strategy Leader
Dragonfly Strategists will join us to talk about Revenue Management’s role in recovery.

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Hotel Marketing in a Recovery Economy

Guest: Adele Gutman Milne, Founder and Guest Experience Evangelist at Aspire Reputation Marketing
Aspire Reputation Marketing will join us to talk about marketing in the recovery economy.

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How to Ramp Up Your Sales Team for the Road Ahead

Guest: Doug Kennedy, President, Kennedy Training Network
Learn where you need to focus your sales teams to realign with today’s market and succeed in building new business and account relationships to grow revenue and profitability in today’s uncertain times.

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How Savvy Hotels are Gearing Up for the Road Ahead

Guest: Clifford Ferrera, SVP of Sales, Marketing & Revenue, Chesapeake Hospitality
Learn how one of the leading management companies is re-defining hotel sales, prospecting, and relationship development to grow revenue and profitability in today’s uncertain times.

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