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[On-Demand Webcast] Love Languages of a Hotel
On-Demand Version Coming Soon

[On-Demand Webcast] The Secret to Winning More Group Business for Your Small Hotel

[On-Demand Webcast] How to Please Two Stakeholders: Your Group and Your Revenue Manager

[On-Demand Webcast] Trailblazer Tips and Tricks from the Industry’s Top Group Sales Professionals

[On-Demand Webcast] How to Drive Organizational Change to Deliver Greater Profitability

[On-Demand Webcast] How to Create a Winning Sales Team in Any Economy

[On-Demand Webcast] 2020 Predictions – Top Trends for Group Business

[On-Demand Webcast] Changing Conditions – How to Get Aggressive with New Competitors
Knowland Webcast in Partnership with HSMAI DC Chapter

[On-Demand Webcast] How to Create a Hunter Sales Team and Hit Your 2020 Group Targets

[On-Demand Webcast] Think Like A Revenue Manager to Transform Your Group Business for Profitability

[On-Demand Webcast] Proactive Sales Training with Hotel Sales Expert Doug Kennedy


[Live Event] HSMAI ROC London Round Table
January 28 – 29