Unlock the power of intelligence-driven account-based selling

Knowland Classic leverages the full functionality of our data-powered platform to maximize meetings and events sales for full-service hotels. Users typically experience payback after just one booking.

Data-powered sales intelligence and enablement

Powered by the Knowland Platform, hospitality’s most comprehensive database of actual events, Knowland Classic provides hoteliers a 360-degree view of their target accounts, market, and competitive landscape to support AI-enabled account-based selling.

Knowland Classic powered by the Knowland Platform

Robust data analytics and easy-to-use interface put hoteliers in control of total account revenue and help drive profits from group, meeting space, corporate, and catering.

Improve sales results across the hospitality enterprise

Knowland Classic dashboard

Identify new “best fit” accounts for your property using:

  • Account Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Event Intelligence

Grow revenue with account-based selling

Fill need periods with high-value, multi-day groups

Discover new sources of revenue from room nights, catering, and corporate business

Access market trends, account history and contacts to build a compelling story

Focus your resources on opportunities with the highest revenue potential

Compete smarter with competitive insights and close more high-value bookings

If you’re not using Knowland to prospect, 
you’re leaving money on the table.

The ultimate sales toolkit for full-service properties

Top opportunities for your property

Use  our robust meeting search engine to curate a prioritized list of accounts most likely to book with your hotel to save time and increase win rates.

Top Opportunity widget
Booking analysis

Booking analysis

Assess account booking history to evaluate fit for your property and need periods. Prioritize inbound leads for total revenue potential based on an account’s past behaviors.

In-depth market insights

Leverage market intelligence  to benchmark property performance against market KPIs and analyze shifts in meeting size to inform sales strategy.

In-depth market insights
Competitive calendar

Competitive calendar

Monitor weekly group bookings by account and event in an easy-view calendar to identify opportunities based on competitor activities and market trends.

Account loyalty and alerts

Monitor lost business, know when target accounts book with a competitor, or in your market. Flag at-risk accounts and identify opportunities to increase share from competitors.

Account Loyalty and Alerts
Company contact data dashboard

Company contact data

Initiate sales outreach with company contacts and the latest account insights to turn a cold call into a warm one and personalize the conversation to build rapport.

See Knowland Classic in action

See how Knowland can help you leverage the power of data insights and sales intelligence to empower sellers, differentiate your property, improve sales productivity, and drive more sales.