The Knowland Certification Program

The Knowland Certification Program helps hotel sales professionals level up their skill sets and elevate their professional profile with the hospitality industry’s first meetings and events certification.

Choose from three certification programs to gain skills and credentials:

  • Adapt to the shifting hospitality landscape with confidence.
  • Stay at the forefront of data-driven pipeline generation trends.
  • Elevate your performance with cutting-edge sales skills and strategies.
  • Demonstrate value to management and advance your career.

Revenue Leader coming 2024!

What can the Knowland Certification Program do for you?

Hotel Sales Professionals

Leverage the power of data analytics to enhance your sales results and demonstrate your competence to employers.

Hotel Sales Leaders

Know which team members are skilled at applying data to their sales workflows to assign the right person to the right tasks.

Management Companies & Ownership Groups

Set new standards across your organization ensuring teams demonstrate an understanding of data-driven processes.

Ready to become Knowland-certified?

You can get certified in just 45 minutes with a qualifying score on your pre-test.

Revenue Leader coming in 2024!

Our certification process:

  1. Select your certification based on your role and career path. You can get as many certificates as you see fit.
  2. Assess your readiness with the pre-test. You’ll be certified right away if you achieve an 80% score or higher.
  3. Level up your skills with a customized training plan if you don’t pass the pre-test. You’ll receive a list of courses to prepare for the final exam.
  4. Take the certification exam as many times as you need. Complete the process within 90 days of enrollment to get certified.
  5. Share the credentials on your resume and LinkedIn profile to elevate your professional credibility.