Fast-track group sales growth with prospecting automation

Knowland Select automatically delivers curated lists of qualified accounts directly to a seller’s inbox to boost productivity for hotels with limited meeting space.

Data-driven prospecting automation

Powered by the Knowland Platform, hospitality’s most comprehensive database of actual historical events, Knowland Select helps hoteliers identify qualified prospects and boost sales productivity with unparalleled data insights.

Knowland Select powered by the Knowland Platform

The ultimate sales copilot for select service and boutique hotels with limited meeting space.

Optimize productivity, streamline selling processes, and ensure a steady flow of prospects

Knowland Select dashboard

Get sales insights on the most active accounts in your sub-market:

  • Markets booked
  • Preferred brands
  • Event volume
  • Most active booking months
  • Contact and multi-day flags
  • And more to inform your sales strategy.

Focus sales efforts on the most qualified accounts

Close more business with targeted outreach with the latest account intelligence and contacts

Supercharge sales blitz campaigns

Boost productivity by unlocking 20% more selling time per seller, every day

Understand booking behaviors and turn a cold call into a warm one

Maximize ROI with our fast onboarding and simple online training

Knowland has truly revolutionized the way I approach business development. I’ve been able to uncover valuable leads in a fraction of the time it used to take me.

Curated features designed for hotel sales teams with limited meeting space

Quarterly sub-market activity reports

Receive an emailed report of up to 250 accounts with data reflecting the quarter ahead from the year before to help you leverage the booking window lead time.

Sub-Market Activity Reports
New account alerts

Weekly new account alerts

See new activities in your sub-market for accounts that have not met for 5 years or more to uncover new opportunities and grow your market share.

Account summary

Account details, contacts, market summary, top markets booked, top brands booked, and most active event months of an account

Account summary and market summary
Custom report builder

Custom report builder

Fast and easy on-demand reports to meet your seasonal needs without digging through large datasets.

See Knowland Select in action

See how Knowland can help you leverage the power of data insights and automation to empower sellers, differentiate your property, improve sales productivity, and drive more sales.