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Hone your sales strategy and accelerate revenue growth with deep market and account intelligence using Reports or Market Analytics solutions. See how you can shift market share, uncover new opportunities, plan for growth and acquisitions, and improve performance at every level. Explore the Knowland solution that is right for you!

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With our Market Analysis solutions, you can:

  • Get perfect clarity into what's happening across the markets you compete in, including overall market dynamics, your share of actualized events, and group activity by segment
  • Know why you are being outperformed by your competition — at the brand, account, and management company levels — and take informed action to shift share to your hotels
  • Evaluate your portfolio against similar properties in other markets
  • Determine top drivers of actualized group activity by account, market, brand, and competitive set
  • Understand account potential beyond internal brand or management company data to effectively plan account strategy
  • Target the right group segments in each market by quarter and by property type, based on actualized group data
  • Pinpoint performance issues within your portfolio and quickly address them
  • Agilely adjust sales strategy based on changing market conditions and competitive intelligence
  • Strategically expand your portfolio to new markets, while decreasing acquisition costs

Knowland Market Analytics

Market Analytics offers multiple ways to easily analyze tremendous amounts of actualized event data in Knowland's database. Dashboards, charts, graphs, and search options enable you to quickly benchmark performance by comp set, group segment, market, account, brand, and more. Finally, it's possible to proactively identify market trends and adapt your strategy to maximize revenue and new opportunities.

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Market Analysis Solutions At-a-Glance

Uncover market trends by group segments, geographic markets, & chain-scale categories

Discover segment booking patterns to guide short- & long-term sales strategies

Perform brand vs. brand comparisons that show the reality of competitor performance

Analyze account, brand & group segment performance, quarter-by-quarter & year-over-year

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