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Group data. Market statistics. Lead generation.
Uncover what you don’t know you don’t know. Utilize tools to find meetings and events that meet your group revenue maximization goals, understand trends in the market, and tap into undiscovered opportunities by having access to vital tools that provide:

Reliable contact data

Planner buying behavior

Group booking patterns

Market benchmarking

Actionable leads

Educational resources

“Along with outstanding customer support and training, Knowland provides an array of tools that allow us to understand what business exists within our compset [and] submit requests for in-depth research on groups we are not familiar with. We have been highly successful being able to obtain new incremental business….”

Patrick Flynn

Executive Director, Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

“We’ve been using [Insight] for 4 months and acquired $112,138 worth of business for this and next year. When this product is used to its potential, the ROI is endless!”

Elijah Hammonds
Comfort Inn University Center

“Knowland is a great tool… I’ve been able to uncover a substantial amount of business from soliciting meetings on the reports I review daily…. Knowland is also a great ‘check and balance’ as there are occasions when I note a meeting that convened at a competitive property and my hotel(s) was not sourced. This enables me to determine the reason and make certain we’re included in the bid process always moving forward….”

Paul Cahill
Business Development Manager, Hilton

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Insight: Lead Generation for Group Business

Proactively target new group business and gain insight into groups’ past booking patterns. Intuitive search functions combine with historical event details to bring you actionable data on groups and properties.

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