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Stop waiting for inbound leads. Source and win new business today.

Now featuring Market Snapshot, easily consumable market analytics to guide sales strategy.

Shift to a Proactive Group Sales Strategy where sales teams source new group business directly with the account. Using Knowland, hotel sales teams search an AI-powered database of actual historical events to develop a best-fit prospecting shortlist that matches your property specifications.

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What if you could....

  • New: Account Alerts feature sends daily email notifications of booking activity for your top accounts
  • Make easily consumable market analytics part of your everyday sales strategy
  • Optimize direct booking revenue with SmartSearch by prospecting into accounts that meet the criteria you set and therefore have the highest potential for conversion
  • Source highly relevant, but hard to find, “Hidden Gem” account leads matched to your property to prospect into even before the RFP hits
  • Access competitive set event data, build unlimited comp sets and validate share against your weekly STR Report
  • Utilize Knowland-Verified booking information and account history to prioritize the most-likely- to-convert leads
  • Access 100,000+ additional planner contacts through the premium Contact Data add-on subscription
  • Verified planner contacts with qualified opportunities scored against your hotel
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With Knowland, you can do all of this and more. Discover how Knowland can help you achieve your group sales goals, reduce your customer acquisition costs, and improve ROI for all of your sales activities.

Explore the Way You Want to with SmartSearch

Knowland has always offered advanced search capabilities, but by applying cutting-edge, real-time search and analytics technology Knowland is the first to offer this groundbreaking search engine to the hospitality industry. It not only allows users to search on a multitude of criteria but it will match that criteria to your property. This surfaces those “hidden gem” accounts that you would have otherwise missed. We call it SmartSearch. Now you are more in control to determine the ideal groups for your property.

With SmartSearch, you can search by

  • Account booking sets scored against your property
  • Account Booking Sets ordered by relevance
  • Dynamic Input Ranges and flexible booking dates
  • Multiple keyword searches including Property names & Group names
  • Function name searches (type of function)
  • Interactive map searching by radius
  • Industries, Segments and subsets
  • Daily square footage used
  • Meeting/function length
  • ...and more

Make market analytics part of your everyday sales strategy.

Market Snapshot uses easy to consume analytics to help sales teams understand your market and guide sales strategies. Leverage KPIs to understand market performance. Discover opportunities and threats in shifting market conditions with meeting size trends. Focus limited resources on the industry segments and accounts driving growth in your market.

Dashboard, Calendar, & Map Views Give You a Competitive Edge

Knowland offers multiple views that enable you to quickly and easily explore recent activity in your comp set, local area, or other preset criteria, ensuring that you are always on top of exactly what's happening in your market and can see how your bookings compare to your competitors. You can create your own dashboards, calendar views, and map views or search on an ad-hoc basis!

Monitor the Market with Unlimited* Comp Sets & Automated Reports

Have you ever wondered who you lost that piece of business to? Knowland ensures you are always in the know. Simply set up comp sets to monitor group activity in every region and for every set of properties you want to keep an eye on.

Knowland also enables you to set up reports that can be auto-delivered to your inbox on a regular basis, so you always know what's going on with your comp sets.

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Focus on Deals with the Greatest Total Account Revenue Potential

Estimated Revenue Calculator is the only tool in the industry that uses historic data and real-time analytics to help hotel sales teams calculate the total revenue potential for each target account to inform decision making and focus limited sales resources.

This new tool revolutionizes group business development by helping hotels manage sales teams based on account potential instead of reacting to the latest leads that land in their inbox. With Knowland, you can focus on the right accounts to optimize sales productivity and analyze total account potential to maximize revenue.

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Build Relationships to Jumpstart Your Hotel Recovery

Imagine starting every call as a warm conversation by reaching out to verified contacts with detailed booking history. You’ll be able to focus on qualified opportunities that are the best match for your hotel.

The Premium Contact Data add-on to a Knowland subscription is the best way to help your sales team start building the relationships that will be the foundation of your business recovery.

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*Based on subscription. Unlimited users at subscribing properties only.

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