Hospitality Group and Business Performance Index

The industry’s top meeting, event and corporate market trend insights

Introducing the new Hospitality Group & Business Performance Index (HGBPI) – a comprehensive tool combining event data from Knowland with hotel booking data from Amadeus’ Demand360®, offering a comprehensive overview of industry activity across the U.S. Leverage the power of the Hospitality Group & Business Performance Index (HGBPI) to gain deep insights into the key drivers of hotel performance, and use these valuable insights to optimize your business strategies and stay one step ahead of the competition. Operators can now see how performance relates across business segments individually and collectively, by leveraging contributions from hospitality’s two top event data providers.

Easy-to-understand and action metrics of hotel performance

The next phase in the evolution of the Knowland Meeting Recovery Forecast, the HGBPI can be used as a tool to understand the dynamics between these four drivers of hotel performance: Group Rooms, Business Transient, GDS, and Event Volume.  These segments represent areas hoteliers can most easily control to influence demand mix and drive profitable revenue.

Group business shows most significant improvement at 102% compared to the same period in 2019

Based on Q2 2023 – Updated quarterly as of June 30, 2023.


Instructions: Use the drop down to select a quarter to view. Click the Overall Health link to access more detailed information for each segment in that selected quarter..

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Learn the trends for small-to-mid sized meetings. Know what is happening with your target industry groups and which industries are emerging. Understand the trends driving group revenue.

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What Makes this Index Unique?

Multiple Metrics

One strength of the Index is its reliance on the  segments that drive the bulk of business for American hotels.

Factor Weighting

Growth or declines in ADR can offset room night performance, providing a comprehensive view of revenue health.

Levers to Pull

Individual segment indices guides organizations on which segments can help to fill revenue gaps.

See how these metrics can guide your organization to grow revenue and profitability.

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