Features & Pricing

Knowland Classic Feature Comparison

Add Knowland Premium Contact Data at any level

*Only users who support the subscribing property or properties are eligible for a log-in. If individuals support multiple locations, all locations must be included in the subscription.

Pricing is based on data access. Need further information to decide? Contact Us

Core Features Powered by the Knowland Platform

Optimize Revenue

Optimize direct booking revenue by prospecting into accounts that meet the criteria you set and therefore have the highest potential for conversion

Find Hidden Gems

Source highly relevant, but hard to find, “Hidden Gem” account leads matched to your property to prospect into even before the RFP hits

Prioritize Leads

Utilize Knowland-Verified booking information and account history to prioritize the most-likely- to-convert leads

Build a Better Pipeline

Build a better group pipeline to keep your sales team focused on priority leads and customer-facing sales activities

Access Comp Sets

Access competitive set event data, build multiple comp sets and validate share against your weekly STR Report

Start Building Relationships

Get a jumpstart on your group business growth with access to thousands of verified contacts

Knowland Platform Add-on