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Craft a Winning Strategy & Fuel Data-Driven Decision Making

TAP solutions aggregate, analyze, and report on past and future group booking data provided by CVBs and contributing hotels, delivering the real data you need to make better decisions and hone your sales strategy.

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With the TAP Report, you can:

  • Get data-driven, accurate visibility into industry demand pace — as far as 6 to 20 years out — to hone your long-term strategy, decision making, and forecasting efforts
  • Understand market dynamics and separate real trends from anomalies
  • Remove the guesswork from identifying strong and weak periods in your own market and your competitive peer set markets
  • Maximize revenue during high-demand periods by knowing when to hold firm on your rates and, conversely when to offer concessions to win business during the slow periods

  • Align sales strategy across hotels and your convention center, educate properties on opportunities and challenges using objective data, and collectively identify need periods
  • Develop more effective and efficient sales and marketing processes
  • Benchmark your performance against your peers
  • Provide standardized reporting with complete transparency to all of your stakeholders
  • Share an unbiased view of CVB performance from a third-party to build credibility and garner support

The TAP Report Delivers

The TAP Report answers the questions that keep you up at night. Finally, you can leverage real data to make more confident decisions and refine your sales strategy, including:

  • Detailed year-by-year views of definite rooms
  • Analyses of pace targets and variance percentages
  • Performance reports comparing your market with that of your peer set
  • National and regional trend data compiled from 65 markets

With the TAP Report, you always know what’s happening with your peers, enabling you to bid strategically for business in upcoming periods based on the relative strength of your market compared to your peer set. Additionally, you can gauge the ROI and effectiveness of your marketing and sales tactics with visibility into total demand, conversion rates, and lost business.

TAP Solutions At-a-Glance

TAP Analytics:

A cloud-based business intelligence solution built on TAP Report data that offers multiple views of key metrics in a dynamic “live” environment. A CVBs booking pace gaps come to life so solutions can be reached more easily.

TAP Report:

Market-based report for destination marketing organizations to create more accurate forecasts and set appropriate booking targets for their market. Created from future-looking data, these reports serve as a tool for CVBs to share a realistic picture of market pressure and to help hotels support pricing and inventory initiatives to attract certain groups.

TAP Report for Hotels:

A forward-looking tool for hotels to benchmark group bookings pace versus their competitive set.

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Each month, Knowland collects a significant amount of data on forward-looking group demand across 60+ major North American markets. This data is provided by Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) that participate in Knowland’s TAP Report. It is unique in providing group room nights booking pace information across the entire multi-year future booking window. This data represents over 30 million annual room nights, and represents nearly 50% of the group business conducted by hotels across these markets.

We are committed to the success of our community and believe that by freely sharing some of this data in an aggregated form in our monthly Pace Navigator newsletters, we can help you anticipate what lies ahead and manage your business accordingly. We encourage you to share this resource with your peers!