Knowland Data Collection via Amadeus Agreement

Access to certain "reader board" data is critical to the provision of many Knowland Services. Knowland views Subscribers as industry partners in the data collection process and access to the Services is conditioned upon Subscriber willingly sharing information with Knowland about its meetings and group business. 

The Subscriber hereby authorizes Knowland to collect and use the reader board information submitted via the Amadeus reader board feed housed on any Amadeus or Amadeus subsidiary's or affiliate's software, subscription product, or database. This access will be for an initial period of one year and will run concurrently with all future contracts. There is no fee to the subscriber from Knowland or Amadeus.

In the event that Subscriber's reader board information is not available, in whole or in part, from the Amadeus Sales & Event Management platform for any reason, Knowland may, at Knowland's sole option, ask Subscriber to provide Knowland access to Subscriber's reader board data. Examples of the methods by which Knowland may request such access include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Knowland may ask Subscriber to self-report, in which case: (i) Knowland will provide a self-reporting option that does not create an excessive administrative burden on Subscriber; (ii) Subscriber must self-report "reader board" data in a form reasonably acceptable to Knowland; and (iii) Subscriber represents and warrants that all reported data will be accurate, complete and truthful in all respects. 
  • Knowland may ask Subscriber to allow Knowland and its employees and agents access to Subscriber’s premises for the purpose of recording "reader board" data, in which case: (i) Subscriber will not unreasonably restrict or block such access; and (ii) if Knowland requests access and Subscriber is unwilling or unable to comply fully with Knowland's request, then Subscriber will be required to supply the information by alternate means (e.g., self-reporting).