Patricia Shea

Patricia Shea

Director, Enterprise Business Development

Patricia leads Enterprise Business Development at Knowland, where she strengthens and supports partnerships with enterprise customers. She is also responsible for introducing Knowland’s newest product and service offerings to market.

Prior to joining Knowland, Patricia was as an Enterprise Sales Executive at Boston-based IT consulting firm Exeter Group, where she was responsible for sales of new enterprise software offerings. She previously held roles in both sales and operations at the beautiful Park Hyatt Washington DC, and particularly enjoys blending experiences from each of those roles today at Knowland.

Q: What’s your favorite Knowland product feature, Patricia?

A: In Market Analytics the Share by Market Section of the Top Groups tab shows an in-depth view of any account’s activity by market and by brand. I love to see the excited reactions of global sales execs and sales leadership when they see that view for the first time and start thinking about all the possibilities the data provides.